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About Velocity Channel

Velocity Channel began with the realization that the revolutionary infrastructure being built to facilitate the issuance and trade of tokenized securities would lead to a massive shift in capital raising practices

Our team of industry experts with decades of experience in capital markets and financial technology saw the potential for countless new security issuances meant to provide increased liquidity to a massive variety of asset classes.

However we recognized that in many cases, many of the investors who stood to gain from this revolutionary change in security issuance would have limited transparency, limited access to information, and not enough solid analysis regarding many of the these new assets.

Enter Velocity Channel, a one stop platform for the latest news, sentiment, and analysis for any and all security tokens currently approved for trading by the SEC, regardless of the underlying asset, market cap, or exposure with traditional media.

We mean to revolutionize market research the same way security tokens will revolutionize capital raising, by decentralizing the process and sourcing research from you, the trader.

Sign up today to stay up to date on the latest developments from our platform and to become one of the first users upon launch. We want to help you stay at the cutting edge of token revolution.